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Bloodsucker’s Planet is a groovy space-age prequel to the wacky bizarro-noir vampire feature Bloodsucker’s Handbook.

Channeling the ‘60s retro vibe of pulp classics like Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampires, Bloodsucker’s Planet follows the crew of the space ship Argosy as they respond to a distress signal from the industrial Planet Mara only to discover the planet is ruled by the sinister Mother Vampire. Along the way, they encounter disease-carrying Mara bats, a talking space roach, and Adrianna, the gynoid whose developing self-awareness is shaped by her collection of vintage romance comics.



Beal isn’t kidding when he describes this film as groovy.”

Jim Morazzini, Voices From The Balcony

Outrageously fun!”

Joseph Perry, Horror Fuel

Bloodsucker’s Planet scores 7.5/10 on the Look at Me, I’m a Film Critic scale!”

Asaf Angel, MyIndieReview

Fans of off-beat, low budget sci-fi will definitely have fun.”

Andy Boylan, Taliesin Meets the Vampires

. . . gives rise to some creepy and trippy visuals.

Simon Hyslop, 366 Weird Movies